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Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace, the premier metro Detroit specialty grocer of quality meats, produce and much more, has officially unveiled its new Fresh Rewards customer loyalty program. This program is replacing the Nino’s Email Club which will be ending soon. That’s because we can offer numerous coupon savings with Nino’s Fresh Rewards instead of just one per week. Be sure to join Nino’s Fresh Rewards to continue receiving our Fresh Rewards Newsletter with more coupons, our weekly Marketplace Specials, recipes and much more.

Outreach from Nino’s to customers will now have a new look and feel through the Fresh Rewards program. For years, thousands of Nino’s customers received weekly emails from its Email Club featuring Marketplace Specials – its sales circular, recipes, cooking videos and articles from Nino’s experienced staff. Replacing the Email Club, all the great content and more will be available through Fresh Rewards, but now exclusively to members of the new program.

The Fresh Rewards customer appreciation program provides many benefits including:


There are no coupons to print and nothing to present at register checkout except for the rewards card. Coupons will be available to load to your card for items throughout the store.


Review register receipts and track savings from the comfort of a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Receive weekly emails with articles and videos full of creative and scrumptious ways to prepare meals, entertain, outfit the kitchen, select wines and more. Also included is access to Marketplace Specials, Nino Salvaggio’s online weekly sale circular.


Special offers are planned around major holidays and seasonal changes and these special discounts will go to Fresh Rewards customers only. Plus, those who sign up will receive personalized offers.


Shoppers can sign up in minutes in-store at specially marked locations where they will receive a membership card, pre-loaded with this week’s specials. Alternatively, sign-up can be done online at and a new Fresh Rewards card, plus two Fresh Rewards keychain tags for anyone in the family to enjoy, can be picked up at Nino’s during the next visit.

“Nino’s has been part of the neighborhood for two generations,” said Kirk Taylor, President, Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace. “With Nino’s Fresh Rewards program, we think we’ve finally found a way to say ‘Thank You’ to our loyal customers and deliver valuable benefits, serving them even better than before.”

For more information on Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace, or to learn more about the Fresh Rewards Program, please call (248) 879-7790.

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