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Here at Nino’s, we always have something new to offer with our very own hand-picked selections right from the barrel and taste tested by our staff here at the store.
For me, it’s more than just picking out a barrel. We get to experience individual flavor profiles, and it even comes with our own custom-made labeling that allows us to offer our guests something iconic yet familiar and exclusive to Nino’s, with our personal seal of approval.
Here’s an inside look at the selections we offer.

Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel $54.99

One of the finest whiskies that go into the Crown Royal Deluxe blend, aged in American oak and bottled at an ample 103 proof.

Crown Royal1

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select $51.99

Subtle notes of caramel and spice, with bright fruit notes and sweet aromatics. Hand selected during a private tasting by Nino’s whiskey experts at the Jack Daniel’s distillery in April 2016.



Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select $47.99

Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey personally selected by Nino Salvaggio. Deliciously smooth with a hint of maple syrup and cinnamon, ending with a delightful finish and a light spiciness.


Come in and see our cool selections offered at the Troy and Clinton Township locations.

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