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I don’t think I’ve ever, ever made a New Year’s resolution. Not once. Or maybe it was that I once made a New Year’s resolution to never make New Year’s resolutions, and in that case, I suppose I once did. Once.

So, it’s rather unprecedented that I even dare myself to make the commitment of change beginning on an arbitrary, pre-chosen date, even if that date is New Year’s Day. Having said that, I think I can agree to do this if I narrow down the parameters to just 1 year and just culinary-related resolutions. Already I’m negotiating with myself… I don’t think I was cut out for this resolution thing.

And do I need to pre-establish the rules? If I agree to do less of something, what exactly defines less? I suppose eating two fewer French fries is eating fewer French fries, but all year long I’d have to keep track. And I don’t even have a French fry benchmark because I didn’t keep track THIS year.

Maybe I’m too worried that I’d fail. I’m very competitive. I like to do things I’m good at, and I’m not so sure I’m going to be any good at resolutions. How can I even cheat? Who would I really be cheating? And if I make it through 6 months, will any of it really count? Do I get partial credit? Can I live with a C? It’s a passing grade.

Okay, after thinking this over (albeit not thoroughly), I’m willing to give this thing a try. I don’t sound convincing, do I?

I, Pete Loren, being of rather sound mind and questionable body, do hereby resolve the following in 2018:


Eat fewer French fries. You knew this was coming…

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Heck, I spend 6 days a week at Nino’s… I should be able to knock this one so far out of the park that I get extra credit on the fries…

Dine out more. Now, I know this seems weird, but over the last 3 years I’ve dined out less and less each year, choosing instead to make meals at home. I’m REALLY missing out on some GREAT new restaurants that I MUST get to. Besides, I generally choose very healthy dishes when I’m out, so that’s a plus.

Introduce more fish and shellfish items at Nino’s. I know everyone at Nino’s loves salmon, but it’s not the only fish in the sea. Don’t make me get angry now.

Learn to enjoy a food I’ve never truly appreciated. I have a few candidates in mind here. Among them are peanuts, yogurt, and dill pickles. Your opinions are welcome.

Drink more water. They say you should drink about 8 cups a day. Yeah, right. By my figuring, if I add up the entire amount of water it takes to make my coffee in the morning as well as the ice that melts in an evening cocktail, I’m falling WELL below my recommended intake. I’ll just have to drink another cocktail I guess.

I don’t know that much about resolutions, but I think 6 is probably enough. I’m guessing I won’t get any more credit if I make it 8 or 10. Besides, I’m new at this, and I think 6 is about the right number.

Okay, so I’m into this thing now and I’ll need your support. And let me know if you’re making any culinary-related New Year’s resolutions of YOUR own. I’d love to know I’m not in this alone.

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