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simoneThere are so many interesting wine regions around the world and it is impossible to talk about them all. So, in light of that I have decided to talk about the wines from places that are not so popular. However I have not yet visited these areas. I have selected them because they are definitely on my bucket list to visit in the near future.


Although the Douro in Portugal with its unique natural landscapes rests its fame on the shoulders of Port wine they also produce some pretty smashing reds using the native varietal (Touriga Nacional) used for making Port. These wines in my opinion are unique and thrillingly different.

Dow Douro Vale Do Bomfim Reserva 2009

Inky and delicious with spice and fleshy dark fruit ending with a smooth chocolate finish.


South Africa

They say only in recent years has the quality of South African wine started to bloom. The South African coastal region is located around the original colony of Cape Town. In my opinion the Stellenbosch district produces some amazing wines. Here is one of my favorites.

Stark-Conde Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Lots of yummy juicy spicy fruit with a cedary and spicy vanilla finish. This wine is delicious with a slice of Manchego cheese.


Southwest France

At the heart of this region lies Gascony, known as the great brandy district of Armagnac. This area produces the great chewy tannic wine made from the tannat grape.

Chateau Montus-Madiran

You have to literally chew your way through the tannins of this wine when young, however with time you will be charmed by the blackcurrant and blueberry flavors ending with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.


This blog is something I hope you liked, it’s more informational on the lesser known regions. The wines are interesting and make for a great conversation at dinner parties and gatherings. I hope you get a chance to try them..



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