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The owner of Michigan Farm to Freezer, Brandon Seng, grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Northern Michigan. He led the local farmer’s market and other local food ventures in the area. He then became a School Lunch Service Director, and wanted to serve local fruits and vegetables to his young charges year round. It was like a seed of a business planted. One that would grow up in Michigan.

The mission of Michigan Farm to Freezer is, “to share the naturally abundant and beautifully diverse produce of the state of Michigan.”

How did it grow from a local school lunch program with a passion for local produce, to the business it is today? Brandon is happy to tell us. “Farmers were calling in June, July and August when the harvest was (ripe) with beautiful, local products available; but school wasn’t in session. We started buying and freezing at the school for use in the winter; and it took off from there.”
PeachesSome frozen fruit also played a part in the origin of the company. Brandon recalls working a lunch, “when a 14 year old student came through the line having never eaten a blueberry before. I ran to the freezer and pulled some out – and actually stood there and watched this young person experience that incredible flavor for the first time. This was a young person who’s family shopped at the local food pantry, and got many of their meals at the school. I decided, in that moment, that I needed to do more to share what was available in our communities with the folks that live there.”

Brandon continues, “And now I lead a great team of people in the Eastern Market District (in Detroit) dedicated to ensuring that local food is available, and delicious. In addition to our retail partners like Nino’s, we serve over 100 school districts across the state of Michigan,”

It’s not only blueberries that Farm to Freezer has to offer. They also have a line of other locally sourced traditional fruits and organic vegetables – cherries, strawberries, peaches and apples. A Western Michigan Smoothie Mix, Broccoli, Asparagus, herb infused olive oils, and more. All of their products are Michigan Grown and non-GMO.

What are the advantage of Michigan Farm to Freezer products? Brandon did not hesitate to answer, “ We specialize in selling high quality,small batch frozen
products that are frozen quickly to lock in nutrients and flavors. You’ll find that our flavors are much more robust than products that spend a long time in shipping. Knowing exactly where your food is grown, and who grew it is one of our biggest attributes. Each bag is marked with a harvest number, that can be traced back directly to a great, Michigan farmer.”


Michigan Farm to Freezer and their line of fresh frozen fruits and vegetables, is one of the latest additions in Nino Salvaggio’s continued commitment to stock Michigan-made products. They are refreshed weekly and can be found in the produce section at each Nino’s location. Brandon is happy to be in the store and says, “I’m excited about all things Michigan and sharing our beautiful flavors and intense crop diversity with the Midwest.”


When Brandon was asked about the one thing he wants everyone to know about the products Farm to Freezer offers, he enthusiastically replied, “That top quality, Michigan grown flavors are available year round!”

You can see a full line of their products here or at your local Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace.

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