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Berries, beans, and melons – Oh My! These are just a few of over 29 Michigan farm fresh items currently brought in daily. We take pride in our state’s booming farming industry and are proud to partner with the farms such as: Ruhlig Farms, Leitz Farms, Wolak Farms, Rudich Farms, Campbell Farms, and Vansteenkiste Farms.

Honey Rock Melons:

An early heirloom melon, 3-4 lbs. with thick sweet firm deep-salmon flesh; good yields of quality fruit. Good size for an early melon.


Sugar Baby Melons:

This small round melon is called an icebox type because it is petite enough to fit in the refrigerator. This widely adapted heirloom variety is solid, dark green on the outside with a bright red, firm and fine-grained flesh that is super sweet. Watermelon contains high levels of healthy antioxidants, making Sugar Baby a great sweet way to pack in good nutrition.

Sugar Baby

MI Grape Tomatoes:

These small tomatoes are shaped like the fruits they’re named after and can be tangy or sweet. They grow in clusters and are great as small plants for your deck or patio.


Green Beans:

Originating in Mexico, Central & South America. A food staple for thousands of years, beans can be enjoyed at several stages: as fresh snap beans when the seeds are just beginning to fill out and the pods are tender and tasty; as shell beans when the beans are more mature but still tender when removed from the pod; and after the seeds have fully matured and dried and are available for later use as a staple source of protein and starch. Beans are valued for their beauty, nutritional value, as seed for growing plants and for their ability to fix nitrogen at their roots.


Green Peppers:

The seeds are usually sown during mid March. The popular green and red bell peppers that we see in supermarkets are actually the same thing; the red peppers have just been allowed to mature on the plant longer, changing color and also gaining a higher content of Vitamin C.


Sweet Corn:

By far one of the most sought after produce. A large number of people wait for the summer so they can enjoy the sweetness and the amazing taste, which is Michigan corn.


As usual I would like to share some recipes with you using these ingredients:

Fresh Michigan Sweet Corn Custard

Sweet Corn Stuffed Pork Chops

Michigan Honey Rock Melon Salad

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