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lobster and crab

Holidays are a time to splurge! Not only with presents and parties but with sweet treats and savory indulgences we just can’t resist treating ourselves to.

Cookies and pastries are certainly on that list, and for dinner, maybe a juicy Roast Prime Rib, Rack of Lamb, or Honey-Glazed Ham.

But if you’re a seafood lover, like many of us at Nino’s, you might instead choose a dinner of Lobster Tails or succulent Crab Legs with drawn butter, fresh-squeezed lemon, or a wonderful sauce

If you’re new to the “shell game” or if you’d just like to brush up on your techniques, check out a flyer we created entitled Nino’s Tips for Cooking Lobster Tails and Crab Legs.

It’s full of helpful tips and suggestions on how you can create a restaurant-quality experience with a former restaurant chef (me) to guide you along the way.

You might also want to check out my other seafood articles:

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  • Nino’s Shellfish Primer A concise review of many of the most popular shellfish with cooking tips.

I hope these tips and guides will help you prepare a meal that your guests will fully enjoy.

From all of us at Nino’s, enjoy!

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