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Woodinville straight bourbon

The beauty and quality of Woodinville Whiskey single-barrel private select bourbon.

Woodinville Whiskey Company Bringing Pride and Quality to Northwest Distilling

One of our great joys is scouring the U.S. for the very finest handcrafted spirits and bringing them to our customers in metro Detroit. For the holiday season, we are pleased to do so again, this time with one of the finest small-batch bourbons out there.

It comes from the Woodinville Whiskey Company, of Woodinville, Washington, which was founded in 2010 by best friends Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile. Since then, their small-batch bourbons and rye whiskeys have caught the attention of consumers, critics and industry experts alike – winning numerous awards and high praise along the way. 

Woodinville’s accolades include being named “Craft Whiskey of the Year” and “Craft Rye Whiskey of the Year” two years in a row by the American Distilling Institute; in addition to taking home Double Platinum honors in the American Spirits Council of Tasters Awards earlier this year.

“The quality of their bourbon is top-notch,” said Frank Nicolella, co-owner of Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace. “It’s always such a pleasure for us to feature products from small, family-owned operations that deliver on the same high standards as we do in our own business. I was honored to personally hand select our barrel and I can’t wait for our customers to experience it.”

Woodinville distillery

The stunning copper stills of the Woodinville distillery.

So, what’s their secret? Part of it is a 100-year-old recipe perfected by generations of family distillers. The other part is the great passion of two best friends living their dream to make the greatest craft whiskey in the world. They do so by bringing the time-honored traditions of bourbon production into a craft environment – using the highest quality locally grown grains, the best barrels and coopers in the world, the most technologically advanced distilling equipment, and the mentorship of an industry icon. 

That icon is David Pickerell, former Master Distiller for the well known Maker’s Mark brand.

“You are only as good as those who have taught you,” said Orlin Sorensen, Co-Founder of Woodinville.  “We’re honored to have one of the best teachers in the world. After 14 years as master distiller at Maker’s Mark, David has been our guiding hand since the day we set up shop. There never was a question that we asked Dave that he didn’t have an answer to. We’re proud to call him our teacher and friend.”

Woodinville Whiskey Company founders

Woodinville Co-Founders, Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile 

Another great element to the secret sauce is that they have never sourced their whiskey and have produced every drop of liquid. Plus, the grain they use is grown exclusively for them by a local farm in Quincy, Washington.

“We get all of our staple grains from Omlin Family Farm and truck it over the Cascade Mountains,” said Brett Carlile, co-founder of Woodinville. Once it arrives, we mill, mash, ferment, and distill on site. The new make is sent back to Omlin, where it is barreled, aged and bottled.”

Omlin Family Farm is located in the arid Quincy Valley, an area bordered by the Columbia River to the west and the city of George to the south. As third generation farmers, Arnie and Phyllis Omlin certainly know about the hardships that many family farms face, but the relationship with Woodinville has really been a game changer for them, allowing them to thrive. They definitely know what it takes to grow the finest grains, which are a big part of what makes Woodinville whiskeys so special, so it’s been a great partnership for both businesses.

Woodinville whiskeys aging at Omlin Family Farm

Woodinville Whiskey aging in their American oak barrels at Omlin Family Farm.

In keeping with the family-owned tradition, it certainly made sense to bring Woodinville to our family-owned business here in metro Detroit. Our offering of single-barrel straight bourbon was hand selected by Nicolella. It was aged in American Oak, with a Level 4 Char, which means they were burned for 55 seconds, pulling as much flavor out of the wood as possible, and it comes in at 114.16 proof. 

“It’s an honor for us to have Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace bringing our bourbon to their customers in the Detroit area,” added Carlile. “We look forward to hearing how they like it and we invite everybody to visit our website to learn more about Woodinville.”

It’s truly a wonderful sipping experience for any bourbon lover, and we are honored to be bringing it to our customers to enjoy, especially in time for the holidays. It’s now available at our stores in Troy, Clinton Township and Bloomfield Township.

Can you say “Great Gift Idea”?!?


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