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Last year was our first-ever International Taste Fest, and it was an amazing success! We had samples of different fruits, wines, and prepared dishes from all around the world. Some of our employees dressed up for the occasion, and we even had an accordion player strolling through the aisles. When choosing a wine to sample, I like to choose one from a country that will probably not be represented anywhere else in the store. Last year, we chose the South African Robertson’s Naturally Sweet Wines, and this year we picked New Zealand, specifically Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Kim Crawford Chardonay1

New Zealand is a New World wine region, whose racy, grapefruit-flavored Sauvignon Blancs really put it on the map. They also produce well-balanced Pinot Noir and bright, floral Chardonnay, but the Sauvignon Blanc grape is what most consumers are familiar with.

In 1996, Kim and Erica Crawford began their wine journey by buying grapes and borrowing tanks space, doing anything they could to make the wine they’d been dreaming of. By 2000, they had amassed enough capital to open a state-of-the-art winery in Marlborough, and by 2003, they’d earned a spot on Wine Spectator’s coveted Top 100 Wines of the Year! Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc has gone on to win one of those spots three more times, but the fact that they have won over the American palate gives the Crawfords even more to cheer about. Kim Crawford is the #1-selling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the United States.

This year’s International Taste Fest runs February 27th through March 1st and will be a blast. The wine department will run its demos longer than usual, so everyone 21 and over will get a chance to try these high-scoring, refreshing, flavorful wines. Do you have a favorite New Zealand wine? Tweet me at @ninoswineexpert!

Jennifer Laurie

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