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Nino Salvaggio Christmas gifts and decor

Here’s 3 Gift Ideas to Make Your Season of Giving a Breeze

The Christmas season is upon us, which means the return of the annual daunting task of coming up with great gifts for family, friends, clients, employees and more. It can indeed be a bit overwhelming, but you can make it easier by simply taking care of it while shopping at Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace.

Obviously, it’s our award-winning fresh produce, meats, desserts and other foods that probably first come to mind when thinking of us, but we also have great options to help make your holiday giving a breeze.   

Gift Baskets

For decades, our handcrafted and carefully curated selection of gift baskets have been a tradition enjoyed by thousands of metro Detroiters and even those beyond our region. We offer dozens of options, full of your favorite goodies – from wine and cheese, to chocolates, popcorn, nuts, pastas, cookies, fresh fruits and more. Because it comes from Nino’s, you know your basket will contain products only of the highest quality, like everything else we sell! There’s truly something for everybody, and if you are placing a large order of at least 20 baskets, we can even customize them for you. Plus, with shipping available to most of the continental US, recipients from sea to sea can enjoy our artisanal creations.

Nino Salvaggio gift basket catalog

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To view our offerings, to download our gift basket catalog and to place an order, CLICK HERE.

Holiday Gifts & Decor

At our stores in Bloomfield Township, Clinton Township, and Troy, you’ll have fun perusing our floral gift shops, which contain a wide variety of holiday-themed gifts, home decor and flowers. Our buyers do an amazing job of finding the most interesting items, and if you’ve been in our stores, you know how beautiful our flower selections are. From cute statues and wall hangings, to ornaments, classic poinsettias and more, you are sure to find the perfect gift … or even something for you!

Nino Salvaggio Christmas gifts and decor.

Gift Cards

We get it. Some folks just don’t like the chore of selecting a specific gift or somebody else. That’s exactly why gift cards are always a popular option during the holidays. By giving our cards, you know your recipient will have only the highest quality gifts, flowers and food to choose from … and the best part is that they do the choosing.

Nino Salvaggio gift card

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Of course, we also have the thousands of food items that we are most known for, including pre-prepared hot and cold meals, fruit and veggie trays, an award-winning wine selection, mouth watering desserts that are always worthy of Instagram and more.

So come by to not just do your grocery shopping, but to also find that perfect something for that somebody special during the holidays.

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