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Who would have thought that people would go crazy over an alcoholic root beer? Well, they did, and the boom happened around one year ago with Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Wauconda, Illinois’ Small Town Brewery. Not Your Father’s Root Beer was so popular that we couldn’t keep it on the shelves. Its popularity was due to its nostalgic taste, which was just like your typical old fashioned root beer. Fast forward a year later, and now all of the breweries are coming up with all kinds of different flavors like orange, ginger, raspberry and vanilla to add to this growing trend. It seems like our Nino’s guests are more open than ever to trying new things, especially in the beer department.

Here are a couple of hard sodas that we offer here at Nino’s.


Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream $11.99 – 6 pack

This bold, sweet, spicy beer is a creamy craft beer made with Madagascar vanilla.

Not Your Father's Vanilla

Henry’s Hard Orange Soda $8.99 – 6 pack

Tastes just like orange soda, and it’s made with natural orange flavorings and real cane sugar. Make a creamsicle float by adding one to two scoops of vanilla ice cream to an ice cold glass and topping with one bottle of Hard Orange Soda.

Henry's Hard Soda

Crabbies Ginger Beer $10.49 – 4 Pack

Made in Edinburgh, Scotland, this delicious alcoholic ginger beer is made with the finest ginger and exotic spices. Just add a lime and enjoy.

Crabbies Ginger

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