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Sometimes No Winner Means More Winners!


We congratulate all 50 winners of our Guess the Final Score Contest! We recently offered $100 gift cards to anybody that correctly predicted the final score of the Lions-49ers game, via our posts about the contest on Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, it was not a day for winners. The Lions failed to taste victory, which was a heartbreaker for all us, plus nobody correctly predicted the final score of the game.

However, we decided that once in awhile no winners can mean more winners. Thus, from all of the nearly 700 entries, we selected 50 winners of $100 Nino’s gift cards! Winners were randomly picked from a drawing barrel at our Troy store on February 2, at 9am ET. Thus, we congratulate them all and are delighted to post there names below. They will be contacted directly, by a representative of Scout Monkeys Media, via the social media platform that they made their entry on, and given a number that they can then present, along with photo ID, at the store of their choice to claim their prize.


Here are the lucky 50 winners:

Deborah Mares Bricely
Sylvia Yemille (@sylviayemille on Instagram)
Jeannie Castillo Barnes (@jbarnes3 on Instagram)
Sabina Apsey
Cheryl Neumann Tatro
Renee Pringle
Sally Katko (@sallykatko on Instagram)
Michele Lewandowski
Debby Gasperoni (@debby_gasperoni on Instagram)
Catherine Murphy (@_happylifewithoutahouseofboys_ on Instagram)
Kayleigh Orellanes (@lifestylewithkaye on Instagram)
Marianne Arner
Lisa Banish
Abby Marks
Amanda Schwark ( on Instagram)
Melissa Orosco
Katilyn Cramer McQuillan
Teisha Thomas Delia
Aleycia Feggan
Asaad Sukkarieh (@asaad_on_the_run on Instagram)
Gloria Logan
Andrea Kaping
JR Shaeena (@flyingjayrs on Instagram)
Bri Sintebin
Eva Hensbergen (@hensbergeneva on Instagram)
Sherry Smilanetz-Cipriano
Dawn Skwarczynski
Courtney Morehead
Antonio D’Agostini (@antoniodagostini_ on Instagram)
Christine White Dodge
Gassan Dawood
Michelle Morrow
Andi Dombrowski (@shoeaddict82 on Instagram)
Aldo Lucci
Patty Poma
Francine Holinoty
Vince Canapini (@vjnnie on Instagram)
Daniel McIntosh
Liz Paczkowski
Nadine Maynard
Rebeccah Maybe
Felicia Cook
David M (@davesway586 on Instagram)
Grant Berakovich
Debi Johns
Greg Garno
Vickie Kosnik
Jason Koenig
Jyl Duquet
Lisa Boekema Kane

Again, we congratulate all of our winners! If you are among them, you will be contacted by Scout Monkeys Media with your winners code. They will also ask you to indicate which store you want to pick up your gift card at. Feel free to contact them at

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