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Planning your family meals is probably no big deal.

Planning an event however, like a shower or graduation party, well THAT’S a bit more challenging.

Maybe even a bit daunting. You’re not alone. It’s not something anyone does that often. Even the pros have to put a decent amount of thought into planning events like these. Thankfully, at Nino’s, we have some pros.

grad-cake_2015We call them Party Planning Experts and they specialize in helping our customers with all the details of planning events, such as graduation parties. From foods, beverages, floral arrangements and balloons to where you can find the best deals on tents and rentals, they’re used to this, and they ask the right questions.

If you’re planning a graduation party this year, or maybe a large picnic or a summer get-together, I have a few professional tips I’d like to share with you. They’ve come from the four decades of experience I’ve gained from seeing what works best and what people enjoy the most.

From a food perspective, here are some of the most important things you need to consider, and at the same time, they’ll really help US choose the right menu for YOU. Things like: When? Estimated turn out? Inside or outside? And do you have any food themes you and your graduate would like us to help you with. Finally, and most importantly, do you have a budget in mind?

As far as food goes, graduation parties are usually open houses, meaning people are welcome throughout the day (and sometimes early evening). The most successful open house menus offer a simple buffet of popular foods that are easy to eat whether standing, sitting or on the go. And since many of your guests will be visiting other parties, the portions are usually smaller.

Among the most popular foods are small sandwich trays; grilled foods; cold salads; fresh-cut fruit; chips and dips; cookies and brownies. Another popular option is a build-your-own buffet. And of course, you can’t forget the graduation cake. Our bakery is ready to make yours.

If you’re considering holding your event outside, we recommend the following right now:

•       Contact a rental company IMMEDIATELY and reserve your tent and any other items, such as tables and chairs. And, by the way, Nino’s rental partner C&N Rentals is offering a 20% discount on rentals if Nino’s is providing your catering services.

•       Consider keeping the menu simple. You can’t count on perfect weather. It could be 90 F+ or cool and rainy. Keeping chafing dishes and their foods hot with even a modest wind is challenging at best. And keeping food cold for an extended period of time in hot weather is no less difficult.

One of the BEST reasons to have Nino’s cater your graduation party is that not only do we have a HUGE selection of products, from prepared foods and pastries to nuts, candies, snacks, and beverages, but we also have a full-service floral department to provide you with balloon bouquets! One LESS trip to make!

And speaking of trips, we also DELIVER!

Nino’s Party Planning professionals have helped countless customers’ plan their graduation parties and we’d like to help you plan yours. Contact any one of our three convenient locations and ask to speak to one of our party planners, or just stop by our party planning desk on your next shopping trip to Nino’s.

Congratulations to the class of 2015!

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