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We are definitely in a vodka BOOM! Today it’s not just a translucent spirit used in the signature martini from the old James Bond movies. You know, the one that’s only shaken, not stirred. It’s pretty much out of control with all the different flavors from fruit, chocolate, espresso, and yes, even popcorn. I’m not joking.

Celebrities are investing in and promoting their own vodka labels. Some examples I’m sure you have heard of include Crystal Head Vodka from Dan Aykroyd and Ciroc from Sean Combs.

Vodka is said to have originated in Russia and/or Poland. It can be made with potatoes, grains, barley, wheat and grapes.

Vodka made with potatoes can be pretty expensive! Made mostly in Poland, its texture is creamy and full-bodied. The vodka made with grains is typically light and clean. Rye vodka has a slightly spicy characteristic while wheat vodka tends to be a bit sweet.

Here is a list of different brand names and what they are made with:

Grain Vodka

3 Olives


Potato Vodka



Rye Vodka



Wheat Vodka

Grey Goose
Ketel One
Hangar 1


Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

Ciroc Vodka

Made with grapes from the south of France and distilled five times, it is super smooth and an excellent choice with your Dirty Martini.

Crystal Head Vodka

Made from peaches and corn, it contains no additives, glycerol or citrus oils. It is naturally smooth.

Zim’s 81 Vodka

Made from potatoes, it is creamy and has a slight spiciness. No need to mix this one; it’s perfect just on the rocks.

Please remember that liquor is only available at our Troy & Clinton Township locations.

I hope you find this helpful!

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