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As you know Chef Pete has been spending some time on air preparing mouthwatering recipes, providing some great tips and making cooking more enjoyable. He has been showing us how you can take a muffin and turn it into a great meal. Or how you can better utilize your freezer and freeze sauces and chicken bases so you can use them later to prepare casseroles and other wonderful dishes. But if you have missed any of these fun tips and recipes here are the links to some of his recent appearances. Enjoy.

Fox 2 Morning: February 27th 2015

Some of these dishes were a feature of our International Weekend which recently concluded on March 1st. Dishes such as the Chicken Shwarma or Mongolian Pork Tenderloin

WDIV Morning: February 19th 2015

After watching this video we are sure that you will appreciate your freezer more than before. By utilizing these simple tips you will save a lot of time and money while enjoying a nice meal.

LIVE IN THE D: February 11th 2015

Click here for these recipes



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