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You hear it all the time but perhaps more often during the holidays than any other time of the year. Great smells trigger great memories.

For me, it was the smell of ginger and cinnamon from holiday cookies baking in the oven, the aroma of fresh pine from the Christmas tree just brought into the house, and, of course, the smells of some of my favorite holiday foods.

Another traditional scent appeared on Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas morning, and that was from a concoction of spices on my mom’s stove not meant for eating but purely meant for the enjoyment of the wonderful scent that seemed to waft throughout the entire house.
It was our traditional holiday potpourri.

While scented potpourri seasonings are still a tradition in some households, nowadays many people prefer the simpler out-of-the-box solutions, such as plug-in air fresheners, candles or diffusers.

And although these solutions are all fine and good, sometimes adding something old-fashioned to the holiday mix reminds us of simpler times, which, in turn, may have their own great memories.

Simmering potpourris are quite simple to make. They only require water, spices, maybe herbs, perhaps some fruits, flower petals… and a pot or Crock Pot / slow cooker to heat/simmer the liquids, which, in turn, emit all the wonderful fragrances.
For your convenience, I’m including three of my favorite holiday potpourri recipes for you to choose from. All you need to do is combine them, and then heat them to a simmer in a small pot or in a slow cooker.

Fruits and Spices…a VERY Traditional Version

2 Cups Water
1 Orange, Sliced ¼”
1 Lemon, Sliced ¼”
1 Apple, Sliced ¼”
1 Cup Cranberries (Leave Whole)
2 Cinnamon Stick
6 Whole Cloves
1 tsp Grated Nutmeg
4 to 6 Allspice Berries
2 Whole Bay Leaves

Floral & Spice Potpourri

2 Cups Water
1 Cup Dried Lavender
2 TBSP Dried Chamomile
1 Cup Rose Petals
1 tsp 5 Star Anise
1 Stick Cinnamon

Pine and Spice Potpourri

2 Cups Water
3 Bow Sprigs or 1 Cup of Evergreen Pine Needles
1 TBSP Rosemary Leaves
2 Bay Leaves
1 tsp Peppermint Extract
1 Piece 5 Star Anise
2 Cinnamon sticks
4 to 6 Whole Cloves

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