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The original classic cocktails are making a huge comeback. Mixologist from all over the country are putting a new spin on the old classics, which makes them more interesting and delicious. When making a cocktail, it’s all about balance. And it usually starts with a base, often a spirit and a sweetening that may be syrup, sugar or a liqueur, ending with a souring of fresh fruit juice, bitters or other ingredients.
One of my favorite classics is the Negroni, made with Campari, gin, sweet vermouth and a slice of lemon. This is the perfect cocktail for before or after a meal or while sitting by the pool.

Last year, we took a ride downtown to the 2 James Distillery, and I had the most amazing Moscow Mule, called a Holiday Mule, which was made with 28 Island Vodka, cranberry syrup, fresh lime juice and spicy ginger beer. It was so spicy and good that it literally took my breath away. These days, people are crazy about ginger, and you can even add a ginger liqueur to your Margarita.

Here are a couple of recipes that put a different spin on the old classics.

The Canton Ginger Margarita

1 ½ parts- Domaine De Canton Liqueur
1 part- Reposado Tequila
½ Part- Fresh Lime Juice
Build all the ingredients in a mixing glass. Shake and strain over ice and garnish with a lime wheel.

The Tuaca Mule

1 part- Tuaca Liqueur
1 part- Ginger Beer
Lime Wedge
Mix all ingredients in a glass over ice.

Don’t be afraid to mess with the old classics and create your own concoction.

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