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Chardonnay is made all over the world, and it’s the biggest name in white wine. If you love the idea of butter in your glass, with vanilla and caramel too, you’ll love the classic style of oak-aged Chardonnay. If you’re like me and appreciate a crispier chardonnay with flavors of pineapple, fig, green apple and lemon, a Chardonnay that was not aged in oak barrels would be more up your alley. This popular grape can be made anywhere from England to India. Here are a couple of Chardonnays from around the world that are available here at Nino’s.

Chateau Montelena Chardonnay: Napa Valley, California:

This selection placed first in the “Judgment of Paris” in 1976, a blind tasting against some of the most famous French Chardonnays that boosted the California wine industry. It’s depicted in the movie Bottle Shock. Every time we watch that movie, I just gotta have a glass.
Nose: Floral, citrus with a hint of lemon.
Palate: Lemon meringue and peach pie with crème brulee.

Domaine Seguinot Bordet Chablis: Burgundy, France:

Nose: Ripe peaches and apricots.
Palate: Crisp and delicious white flowers with a mineral touch.

Bodega Catena Chardonnay: Mendoza, Argentina

Nose: Honey and tropical fruit.
Palate: Stone fruit with a citrus rich texture.

Montgras Reserva Chardonnay: Colchagua, Valley Chile

Nose: Nectarine and nutmeg.
Palate: Vanilla and coconut with a creamy vanilla finish.

It’s always interesting to taste the different flavors of wine, and it’s also fun experimenting with friends. Chardonnay night is one of my favorites.

Cheers, and enjoy!


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