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Let’s kick off spring and summer with a party! With summer weddings around the corner, bridal showers typically kick off the festivities for brides and grooms. I recently read that the custom of bridal showers originated in the 1890s. Of course, we know that traditionally this involves giving gifts to the future bride. The first bridal showers were most often held in the home, but more recent traditions moved them into banquet halls and restaurants.

However, tradition has also given way to many other changes when it comes to showers. In fact, I understand that some are now traveling far and wide to enjoy them. A destination shower, whether it’s a weekend away at the beach, country home, or spa, is part of the new norm.

Yes, today’s bridal showers are no longer viewed as a way to get gifts. They are just like any other party on your engagement schedule–a festive way to celebrate with friends and family. Although you can still have the girly gab fest with friends and relatives, how about adding a twist?  What about an activity bridal shower? Hire a local florist to teach floral arranging, or ask a chef to give a lesson on some quick, easy dinner options. You might even consider a freezer meal party. Have your guests prepare meals they can take home and stash in their freezers for convenient heating later.

Couples’ bridal showers are another trending option, as some couples like to do everything together. This type of event is more similar to a cocktail or dinner party than it is a traditional bridal shower. Both female and male friends and relatives are invited. The party still revolves around giving gifts, but they are presented to both the bride and the groom, and generally, they represent a good mix of home goods and guy-friendly tools and gadgets. You might choose a fun BBQ or a fancy cocktail theme for this type of shower.

Finally, the groom’s side sometimes gets into the act of throwing a luncheon or soiree in his honor. In fact, groom showers or power showers are among the latest trends. Some themes for this can include a poker night, a beer-and-brat gathering, or a power shower for which guests give gifts of power tools.

Whatever you choose for your gathering, there are always standard areas that need attention.  They’re listed here, in no particular order:

*Decide Who Will Plan It: Are you hosting alone or are you seeking the input of anyone willing to participate?

* Select the Right Date: This is sometimes tricky, as some of the bridal party may be out of town, and you never want to leave these important people out of the festivities that surround the bride and groom.

*Set a Budget: Whether you work alone or with a group, you will want to establish a budget early, as it can definitely set the tone for the trend of the shower.

*Choose the Location: The location is definitely important to the date and budget. If you want to host it at an establishment, available dates may be limited. Hosting a party at a venue other than your home typically establishes a higher budgetary number as well.

*Make a Guest List: The guest list and invites go hand in hand. Once you establish the guest list, with input from the bride and groom, it’s fun to order invites that coordinate with the theme of your party.

*Create a Menu: For me, this is the best part of throwing a party. I am a foodie through and through. I always look for fun ideas and fun ways to present them. Your menu can revolve around your trend or theme, or you can just choose the happy couple’s favorite foods. A cocktail party can include cocktails and appetizers, your BBQ can revolve around burgers and brats, or your traditional shower can revolve around fun salads and croissant sandwiches.

Whenever your party planning begins, don’t hesitate to contact your Nino’s Party Planners for assistance:

Annette Mulcahy at Troy (248) 879-9222 ext # 124

Shelly at Clinton Township (586) 412-6000 ext # 38

Chef Jimmy at St. Clair Shores (586) 778-3650 








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