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Major holidays, like major sporting events, culminate in grand celebrations, with one on a playing field and the other at the dinner table.

And just like a major sporting event, the 4th of July has its own traditions, themes and sponsors. You might find the similarities between the two quite striking.

The 4th of July has the following:

  • An official sponsor: the U.S. Government.
  • An official event theme song: The Star Spangled Banner, of course.
  • Official colors: red, white and blue.
  • An official culinary theme: outdoor grilling and barbecuing. And for dessert, watermelon and apple pie!
  • An official beverage: beer (Interestingly, the 4th of July is the biggest beer-selling day in United States. It’s followed by Memorial Day, Labor Day and Father’s Day.)
  • Apparently, dads just love beer.

Add all this to the parades, the sparklers and general party craziness of the 4th of July, and you might just think it was the Super Bowl!

Maybe the 4th of July is the Super Bowl of summer. As studies have shown, it’s THE #1 Grilling and BBQ day in America (followed by Memorial Day and Labor Day).

Here are some other interesting 4th of July factoids.

  • Even though the United States got independence in 1776, July 4th was not a legal holiday in the United States until 1941.
  • Ironically, three U.S. Presidents have died on the 4th of July. They are Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Monroe.
  • What’s America’s favorite snack food? Potato chips. And which state produces more potatoes for chips than any other state? Believe it or not, even though it is ranked 10th in total U.S. potato production, a vast majority of Michigan’s potatoes become chips, making it America’s #1 potato supplier for chips.
  • Speaking of Michigan, the odds are better than 50-50 that the beans in your side dish of baked beans came from North Dakota, Michigan or Nebraska, which produced 60 percent of the nation’s dry, edible beans in 2005.
  • The most commonly grilled vegetable on the 4th is corn. This year, some of Michigan’s southern corn crop may actually make it to our stores by the 4th.
  • Hamburgers are the most popular food to grill at 87 percent, followed by steak at 83 percent, chicken at 78 percent, and hot dogs at 76 percent.

Of course, Nino’s has you covered no matter which you choose. Our informative guides take the guesswork out of turning those steaks and burgers into delectable, edible masterpieces.

And even though Nino’s isn’t its “Official Sponsor,” you can count on us for all your official 4th of July supplies, from food and beverages to disposables, charcoal, ice, balloons and more.

Happy Birthday, America!

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