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Crayons, Markers, Imagination – that’s all you need to have loads of fun with your children! Nino’s is calling on all artists aged 1–12 years old! Be sure to tell your children & your grandchildren about the Nino’s Annual Pumpkin Coloring Contest.

The Pumpkin Coloring Entry Forms are available at all three of the Nino’s locations in St. Clair Shores, Troy and Clinton Township. Let your child unleash their creative energies and bring their completed masterpieces to your favorite Nino’s location. All entries are entered into the CONTEST and will be on display in the store prior to the drawing! 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place winners will be selected at each store for each age group. The age groups and prizes are as follows

  • 1–2 Year Olds
  • 3–4 Year Olds
  • 5–6 Year Olds
  • 7–8 Year Olds
  • 9–10 Year Olds
  • 11–12 Year Olds

1st Place Prize: $30.00 Toys R Us Gift Certificate

2nd Place Prize: $20.00 Toys R Us Gift Certificate

3rd Place Prize: 5 children will be awarded a pumpkin of their choice.

All completed masterpieces must be returned to Nino’s by Friday, 10/24/2014. Pumpkin picture entries are to be turned in at the Customer Courtesy Desk with your child’s name and phone number legibly written on the back of the picture. Winners will be notified by October 28th. Have a safe, fun & Happy Halloween!!!

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