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On sunny, warm days, as the spring rolls on with rollercoaster-like temperature variations, I find many of my customers still blinking from the sight of the sun, standing in awe of our tower of rosé. Men in business suits; women in khaki shorts, nails still full of dirt from being in the garden; and even grandmas with “Kid Carts” full of scrappy youngsters are all the same. All of their taste buds perk up at some point during those sunny days and say, “Let’s sit on the patio and have a nice glass of rosé.”

This year, I must have tasted well over 25 different rosés, and Simone and I agreed that we would just have to make a big splash this year with opulent, almost glowing displays. At our Troy location, the rosés, mostly French, spill down a wood waterfall like a rose-gold colored chandelier. At Clinton Township, on the other hand, Simone has made an entire wall of rosé, resembling a pink skyscraper.  But all these choices can be confusing. Though I encourage you to try them all, here is our breakdown of how to pick which pink is right for you!

Soft and Fruity

When many wine drinkers see rosé, their thoughts immediately go to White Zin. White Zin has given rosé a bad rap since most rosé is dry. However, if you do like something with a touch of sweetness, here are the wines for you. Remember, wines with a darker hue normally have more concentrated berry flavors.

La Vieille Ferme Rosé, Rhone Valley, France

Sequin Delicately Bubbled Rosé, California

Lys du Chateau de la Genaiserie Cabernet D’Anjou, France

Remy Pannier Rosé D’Anjou, France *Jennifer’s Pick



Light and Fresh

If you like rosés that have bright berry flavors on the front palate with zippy, refreshing citrus overtones on the finish, rosés with a more salmon and light blush color may be for you.

Saint Roch Les Vignes Rosé, Provence, France

Lieu-dit Cocagne Coteaux du Vendemôis

St. Supery Rosé, Napa Valley, California

Banshee Rosé of Pinot Noir, Sonoma County, California *Jennifer’s Pick



Bone Dry

The color of sun-kissed cheeks after a day at the beach, these bone-dry rosés are citrusy, with white and pink grapefruit, fresh-picked strawberry and nuances of white peach.

Villa Des Anges Old Vine Rosé, Languedoc, France

Chateau des Annibals Suivez-Moi-Jeune-Homme Provence Rosé (Available in Magnums Troy Only)

Commanderie de la Bargemone Rosé, Provence, France

RivaRose in Salon de Provence Sparkling Rosé, France *Jennifer’s Pick

When the sun is high in the sky, beating down upon your budding garden, take a moment to toast yourself for making it through such a long, cold winter. Open up a bottle of one of these floral, fragrant and refreshing rosés!

What style of rosé do you like to drink? Keep the conversation going by tweeting me @ninoswineexpert.


– Jennifer Laurie


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