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Nearly 300,000 Metric Tons of Salmon is Consumed In the U.S. Annually

What is it about salmon? Why is it SOOO popular? Just to set the record straight, globally, the most widely enjoyed fish is (insert drum roll here) the herring.

Not to get hung up on semantics, but by another measure, sardines are actually the most-consumed fish on the planet. That is, if you include the fact that fish also eat fish.

It’s one of our best sellers, both in our Seafood Departments and in our prepared Gourmet to Go Departments. Why? Besides its taste, salmon is very easy to cook. Its fat content, moisture content and firm flesh make it adaptable to nearly any cooking method (baking, pan-searing, grilling, poaching, and broiling), and that same fat and moisture allow it to remain tasty, even if you overcook it some. This means it’s very forgiving when cooked fresh yet retains both moisture and tenderness when reheated from a pre-cooked state.

All in all, it is a win-win (both nutritionally and culinarily). You can always count on Nino’s having a number of species of salmon in our Seafood Department as well as a good representation in our Gourmet to Go Department. Some of our most popular choices (which rotate from day to day) include:

Char-Grilled, Teriyaki Grilled, Blackened, Lemon Pepper Grilled, Poached, Spinach and Dill Crusted as well as our popular Atlantic Cakes.

And we also have a number of great recipes for you to enjoy if you’d like to purchase your salmon and cook it at home. Recipes such as:

BBQ Grilled, Cedar Planked Salmon

Salmon Stuffed Pasta Shells With Creamy Cucumber Dill Dressing

Seared Maple and Hickory Cured Salmon With Wilted Spinach

However you choose to enjoy salmon, you’ll do so knowing it’s now officially America’s favorite fish.

Be sure to check out our entire library of recipes by clicking HERE.

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