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Each fall, hundreds of thousands of children head off to schools all over Southeast Michigan. This year’s public K-12 school enrollment in our local tri-county area of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb country topped 575,000 not counting private and home-schooled children.

That’s a lot of future potential.

Making an investment in that potential begins with fueling the engine that makes learning possible and that means eating wholesome, nutritious foods. The kind of foods we’re so passionate about at Nino’s and that you see from the moment you walk in our door.

Each year, as we travel throughout the country to attend the many gourmet and specialty foods trade shows we sample and select from the thousands upon thousands of new products new to the market, many of which are targeted towards a healthy life style for consumers, and their children.  

Vitamin waters and fresh pressed juices are fast replacing many sugary soft drinks, protein bowls are replacing sweetened cereal as breakfast newcomer, cauliflower as a wheat flour replacement seems to be showing up in everything from pizza crusts to pretzels, “power” salad mixes are giving iceberg lettuce a run for its money and true Artisan style breads are squeezing out “spongy” white bread in the aisles. Some bread companies are also offering thinner sliced breads and buns making your sandwiches ratio of meats and vegetables to bread even greater.

You’re also seeing many more “healthy” lunch meat choices, meats with “cleaner” labels, meaning no additives or artificial anything.

As a company, we look out for these products too, because we know you’re interested in having them as choices for your family.

Our commitment continues as Nino’s is finalizing a new Fresh Squeezed juice program which I’ll be sharing more information with you soon, we’re also expanding our Artisan Bakery to bring you even more choices for wholesome breads.

As the summer ends and the new school year begins, fuel your back to school student with wholesome, nutritious ingredients and foods from Nino’s

It’s power for knowledge.

And if you’d like to check out some of my past back to school Blogs with recipes and ideas for healthy lunches and meals, click on the links here:




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