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When you’re in charge, the grill is hot and everyone is hungry, the stakes can get pretty high. Handling that pressure, however, is a whole lot easier when you know your steaks are ALSO up to the challenge!

So, where can you go to bone up on steaks? Even the boneless ones?

Nino’s Moo – U… or as we call it here, Know Your Steaks,” which reviews all the different steak cuts as well as ways to minimize your “mis-steaks,” maximize your flavor and enjoy the day.

In other words, a little Steak Knowledge can go a long way towards grilling success and happy guests.

Learn things like:

  • It isn’t always about the reddest meat.
  • Fat is your friend (okay…in steak-speak anyway).
  • The Tenderness vs. Flavor debate
  • How some of America’s BEST chefs prepare their meat
  • How a steak’s thickness can affect flavor

We’re not talking hamburger here. Steaks are an investment worth reading up on before you invest in the “stock-yard!”

An ounce of knowledge is worth a pound of dry, overcooked beef.

Finally, when you’ve made your decisions and you’re ready to buy those tasty cuts, Nino’s Butcher Shop’s meat cutters are standing by to help you pick out just the right steaks and even to hand-cut a whole NY Strip or Tenderloin just the way YOU want it.

Bottom line: We’re ready at Nino’s to Meat (and exceed) your expectations.


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