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Hummus, tabouli, grape leave, spinach pie ... lenten foods

Sick of Fried Cod During Lent? Here’s Some Inspiration to Keep Your Lenten Food Options Plentiful

By Chef Jacqueline Keller

We’re now nearing the end of Lent.  Does that Friday Fish Fry not give you quiet the excitement that it did at the beginning? There are so many meatless options beyond the Fried Cod, sometimes you just need a little inspiration. So, to help you along we’ve put together a few ideas from around the store.  With meals like these, who needs meat?

Grilled Cheese

Now, before you roll your eyes, we’re not talking about American cheese on slices of white bread.  Between our Artisan Breads and extensive cheese selection the possibilities are endless. Sliced Ciabatta with Belletoile 70% Crème Brie and fig jam – YUM. Grande Mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and basil on Fresh Italian Bread– Classic! Delicious Multi-Grain with Costello Jalapeno Havarti, perfect for those who love a little heat.  I think you get our point, toasted bread and melted cheese is a combination that’s hard to beat.  We could probably write a whole blog about Grilled Cheese… now there’s an idea for another day!

grilled cheese sandwich


It’s March in Michigan, so it’s definitely still soup season. We carry five freshly made Lenten Soups.  Our crew even refrains from adding bacon to our Clam Chowder during Lent!  Three Bean Chili, Garden Vegetable, Mediterranean Seafood, Clam Chowder and Lobster Bisque are all currently meatless and available on our shelves every day.  Don’t forget to grab one of our Artisan Sourdough Bread Bowls while you’re at it!

Fresh Pasta

Nothing quiet warms your soul like a big plate of pasta. Sauté up some portabella mushrooms with peppers and onions, add our Spicy Vodka Sauce and toss in Cheese Ravioli, while our house made garlic bread heats in your oven… you’ll feel like a true Italian Chef and eat like one too!  If after a long day of cooking sounds like too much effort, our house-made vegetable lasagna is a meatless hit all year round.

Mediterranean Foods

Looking for a less heavy option with more protein? Build yourself a plate of our house made spinach pie, hummus, tabouli, vegetable grape leaves and fresh pita.  Hummus is loaded with natural plant proteins making this a meal that will fill you up, without bogging you down.


Lunch on the go or at the office can make sticking to your Lenten Diet a bit difficult. Nino’s salad program offers as many as six meatless options for ready to eat salads!  With options from our  ‘Just Salad’ classic with Ranch to Greek, to Spring Greens with Goat Cheese, salads can help keep your menu fresh, while eating fresh ingredients.

healthy salad for lent

This year (2023) lent ends on April 6, so with a little over a week to go, these suggestions should help keep your table diverse and your belly full.


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