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Having a big spooky Halloween bash and don’t know what to serve? Here are our picks for wines so good, they’re scary!

Gio Cato Pinot Grigio, Primorska, Slovenia, 2010
$11.99 –

Quite honestly, I can’t believe I have not written about this delicious wine yet! It’s by far my favorite Pinot Grigio because, unlike a lot of Pinot Grigios that are light and watery, this wine boasts an excellent depth of flavor, featuring lemon, apple and rounded creamy almond notes. In Italian, “giocare” means to play, and that‘s just what this wine is for, a playful evening with friends.

Sweet Bliss Sweet White Wine, Washington, $9.99 –

Who says the kids are the only ones to get sweets on Halloween? Like the perfect caramel apple, Sweet Bliss White Wine has the crispness of a tart Granny Smith apple and the sweetness of rich caramel on the finish.

HOB NOB Wicked Red, France $10.99 –

Having a big party with lots of different palates to please? The winemakers at Hob Nob have just the thing! Wicked Red is fruity and full bodied, with a long, smooth finish. It’s terrific with appetizers or hearty white meat meals.

Armida Winery Poizin Zinfandel, Sonoma County, CA 2010, $19.99 –

Now the good folks over at Armida Winery claim this wine is “the wine to die for.” Perhaps that’s a stretch, but it is definitely a wine worth $20: rich and lush with classic brambly zinfandel qualities and a long, spicy finish.

Marramiero Inferi Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Reserva, Italy 2007, $39.99 –

Brilliantly blood red in color, the Inferi is a killer wine. If you’re not yet familiar with Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Montepulciano is the grape and Abruzzo is the region of Italy from which it comes. Classically, they have an expressive nose, are full bodied and have long, soft tannins. The Inferi is all those things and more! The aromas of fresh cherries and baking spice leap from the glass. The wine has a silky mouth feel, well-integrated tannins and tons of ripe red fruits. Cedar, licorice and tobacco linger on the finish.

Though this particular blog focuses on wine, we also have an array of beers, meads, ciders and liquors that will make your party complete. B Nektar from Ferndale has produced two unique beverages that are so good we can barely keep them in stock! Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser and Evil Genius IPA Style Mead are lightly sweet and very refreshing.

Also, Kah Tequilas are producing super premium Blanco, Repasado, and Anejo tequila in fun, Day of the Dead packaging. These tequilas are some of the smoothest and most flavorful I have tried in a long time.

The scariest thing you can bring to the party? Moonshine. Junior Johnson Midnight Moon moonshines are wickedly good. The original is clean and crisp while the Apple Pie is deceptively delicious! Just be careful with these since the octane is ramped up to 80 proof, and you wouldn’t know it from the sweet nature of these fruit-aged moonshines.

From our prepared foods to our delicious caramel apples, ghoulish merchandise, and wide beverage selection; you can bet Nino’s is a one-stop shop for all your Halloween party needs!


Jennifer Laurie

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