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The holidays are upon us, and so are parties with family, friends and coworkers.

And with so many things to do this time of the year, ranging from work, family responsibilities, and shopping to wrapping presents, baking and enjoying the company of loved ones, it’s a wonder we manage to get it all in.

It’s especially challenging when you’re planning a party of your own! Because planning a holiday party can get a little complicated and even a little stressful at times, especially if you have never planned one before and you’re not sure where to start.

So where do I begin?

The old phrase “the best place to start is at the beginning” is entirely appropriate here. Successful holiday parties START at Nino’s!

Great Parties Start at Nino's!

Our full line of foods, beverages and catering services, including our knowledgeable Party Planning staff, is here to help you every step of the way.

From deliciously prepared gourmet food and bakery goods to floral accessories, beverages and even rentals, we’re ready to answer your questions and help you with your holiday party planning.

Whatever you’re planning, whatever your budget, a simple call or visit to our Party Planning team (Annette–Troy, Shelly & Kelly–Clinton Township, and Chef Jimmy–St. Clair Shores) will yield ideas, suggestions and assistance for everything from menu planning to desserts, drinks, and flowers. We’ll even help you decide the quantities needed of each. And we deliver!

You’re also welcome to browse through Nino’s Party Planning Guide, which is online and on display in each of our stores. Or if you’d like a Party Planning Guide mailed to your home, click here. Look through the pages to view the huge selection of trays and platters, menu packages, a la carte foods and everything else you’ll need for the perfect party.

Take a minute to read a few reviews from our satisfied party planning customers.

Great Parties Start at Nino's!

As you consider your upcoming party, let me share with you a few important things to think about to help us help you plan your gathering. I call them the 5 Ws:

WHAT What kind of holiday party or event is it? The answer will help us help you with hors d’oeuvre suggestions, appetizers, buffet items or even a beverage suggestion or two. Do you have a budget? Is it a stand-up reception or a sit-down dinner?

WHO A guest list can help determine what kind of food you’ll want to offer. Knowing your guests’ likes and dislikes and any of their food allergies can be enormously helpful when planning your menu.

WHEN Both the day of the week and the time and length of the party are helpful in estimating the amount of food and beverages you should consider.

WHERE Where is quite often home, and home is one place you know something about. When considering where, think through the availability of space, how your food will be displayed, your kitchen capabilities and any restrictions these spaces may have. These details will also help in determining any rentals you may need.

WOW The wow factor is all in the details and in the planning that helps us help you make your party special and memorable.

In addition, here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction:

Tip # 1 Bland is boring. No one is likely to remember bland food. Don’t be afraid to use bold flavors and spices. Let your food make a statement! Nino’s can help!

Tip # 2 Pre-prepare as many dishes as you can, and have things on pans, ready to pop into the oven when guests arrive. They can cook while you entertain! Don’t be afraid to use the microwave oven to re-heat sauces or side dishes you’ve freshly prepared earlier in the day or even the day before.

Tip # 3 Go vertical. Flat table displays are a bore. Create visual interest in your buffet composition by elevating platters and chafing dishes to varying heights. Also, use what you have to create interesting table decorations. Things like tree branches, colorful leaves and backyard flowers can really add interest to your display of foods.

Nino’s Party Planning “Concierge” Team

Annette (Troy) 248-879-9222 ext 124
Shelly & Kelly (Clinton Township) 586-412-6000
Chef Jimmy (St. Clair Shores) 586-778-3650

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