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When you mention Nino Salvaggio’s, most people think of our excellent produce selection, handmade baked goods, or stellar meat counter. Many folks will be rolling a cart in through our doors this weekend in search of hard-to-find ingredients to make the perfect meal for Valentine’s Day. But what about a gift? Nino’s has you covered for that too. If you’re looking for a unique or unexpected gift for your beloved, I’ve come up with a few items that will surely wow your valentine.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the right time to slow down, savor and enjoy. The boys at Slo-Down Wines have a wine that will help you do just that: Sexual Chocolate Red Blend. I mean seriously, how can I write a blog about the holiday of love without writing about that? The minute I stuck my nose in the glass, the image of spiced chocolates popped into my head, and the taste did not disappoint. It was juicy and soft with black cherry, cocoa powder and red chili spice. These wine makers have serious pride in this wine, slapping their personal phone number on the label and stating that the wine should be enjoyed immediately and shared with girls.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Wine not your sweetie’s bag? What about a nice bottle of scotch? I love scotch– scotchy scotch, scotch, and one of my favorites lately is Scapa 16 year old. Want to throw down some knowledge and impress? Tell them that Scapa is one of only two distilleries on the Isle of Orkney. Highland Park is the most northern distillery in all of Scotland. Scapa is just south of it, making it the second most northern distillery in Scotland. Unpeated and aged 16 years in used Bourbon barrels, the Scapa is floral, soft, elegant and delicious. Silky in texture with medium weight, it has a whisper of salt water brine on the finish that adds a level of depth. Romantically, the distillery states that as the whisky ages by the sea, it breathes in the Orcadian air and releases the “angel’s share,” adding complexity and richness.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Perhaps your Valentine would prefer a rare and unique beer–or 12? Short’s Brewery in Bellaire, Michigan, is now producing a seasonal 12 pack, chock filled with four types of their beers that you can’t get anywhere but the brewery. As they’re the darlings of the craft beer scene, Short’s limited-release 6-pack cases fly, and you could be paying up to $12.99 per 6 pack. As one of my good customers said, “To get to try four different beers from them, the 12 pack for $17.99 is a bargain!” This quarter’s mix pack has Chocolate Wheat Porter, Earl of Brixom English Ale, Howlin’ Chinaski Lager, and Honey Badger Black Ale. Any beer lover would be pumped to get one of these. Take it a step further and pair each beer with a little amuse bouche.

We should tell our loved ones how much we love them every day, but Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to spoil them a little too. Stop in to Nino’s and pick up one of these great gifts to show your valentine how much you care!


– Jennifer Laurie

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