Old Fashioned Caramel Apples

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Read Chef Pete’s blog and watch his video for more tips on making these delicious Caramel Apples.

Old Fashioned Caramel Apples
Serves 10
Read Chef Pete's blog and watch his video for more tips on making these delicious Caramel Apples. Note: Before you begin, you'll need to be sure you have a candy thermometer that reads to at least 275 F. Most go way above that range.
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  1. 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  2. 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  3. 1⁄2 Cup Light (Clear) Corn Syrup
  4. 1⁄4 Cup Water
  5. 1 1⁄2 Cups Heavy Cream
  6. 2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
  7. 2 Tbsp. Salted Butter
  8. 10 Apples (your choice but recommend round ones)
  1. Begin by washing, drying and inserting a 6" wooden skewer (or craft / popsicle stick) into your apples...you can even use sturdy twigs if you wash them well 1st). Then slightly chill them all in your refrigerator or in a cool place. Avoid chilling them to the point that they "sweat" when you bring them out to room temperature.
  2. Set aside a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper sprayed with vegetable spray (double non-stick insurance that really pays off!)
  3. Place the water, corn syrup and the sugars in a medium size saucepan. Stir to combine the ingredients then wash down the sides of the pan with a brush and water.
  4. Begin cooking the caramel sauce over medium low heat with a lid on until it comes to a good simmer.
  5. Remove the lid and gently stir with a spoon while the mixture foams and simmers for about 10 minutes.
  6. Remove the pan from the heat and SLOWLY stir in the cream and vanilla.
  7. Return the mixture to the burner and turn up the heat to medium. Check the thermometer every minute until it registers 250 F then remove from the heat.
  8. Add the butter and stir it in slowly. You're almost ready to dip your apples.
  9. To get the sauce cooled to the point where it will make a nice coating on your apples, find a larger bowl than your saucepan and fill it with cold water. Place the pan into the water and gently stir the sauce until it is thicker and has a more creamy fudge-like consistency.
  10. Dip your apples as you like, either up to the stick or leaving a coin size bit of apple still showing. Let the excess caramel drip off while slowly rotating the apple even turning it upside down, all in the attempt of evenly coating the apple from top to bottom. It generally takes 2 to 3 minutes to dip each apple well. If the sauce becomes too thick after the first few apples, simply reheat it in the microwave oven for 15 to 20 seconds and begin again.
  11. Place the dipped apples on your sprayed waxed paper and into the fridge only long enough to help harden the caramel shell. Afterwards, they should remain at room temperature or in a cool (but not refrigerated) place.
  1. Chef Pete loves caramel but there are 2 additional steps he takes to make his caramel apples even more special.
  2. Extra Step #1 - Just as the caramel sets on the apples, sprinkle the top 1/3rd with salt crystals. Chef Pete likes the Falk Salt salt crystals we sell at Nino's. And if you want a really sensational taste, use the Smoked Salt crystals...WOW!
  3. Extra Step # 2 - After the salted caramel apples have set and are still slightly chilled, Chef Pete dips the bottom 1/3rd in dark chocolate. You can use any chocolate used specifically for coating.
  4. Makes about 3 cups of caramel dipping sauce or enough to coat about 8 medium or 10 small apples.
Nino Salvaggio https://www.ninosalvaggio.com/