Lady Liberty

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Lady Liberty
Serves 1
The Statue of Liberty, designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, was given to the United States as a gift of friendship from the French and has been a symbol of freedom and pride for the people of the USA ever since. Lady Liberty (the drink), strong, elegant and with a French kick, does its namesake justice.
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  1. 1 oz. Pernod
  2. 1 oz. Grey Goose Citron
  3. 2 oz. American Sparkling Wine, such as Chandon or Mumm Napa Brut (also rooted in France)
  4. Garnish with Candied Ginger
  1. Build in a shaker and stir.
  2. Serve chilled in a champagne flute.
Nino Salvaggio