Jumbo Shrimp Kabobs

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Jumbo Shrimp Kabobs
Serves 4
Barbecue grills aren't just for steaks and chicken. These delicious Jumbo Shrimp Kabobs are easy to make, light on the appetite and quick to cook. While cooking, baste with any number of sauces to suit your mood and tastes. Some of my favorite basting sauces include: Sweet Baby Rays' Barbecue Sauce, Italian Dressing, Teriyaki Sauce and Soy Vay Chinese Marinate and sauce.
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  1. 12 each Jumbo Shrimp
  2. 4 Large Mushroom Caps
  3. 1 each Red Bell Pepper
  4. 1 each Green Bell Pepper
  5. 1 each Yellow Bell Pepper
  6. 1 medium Red Onion
  7. 4 each 8” Wooden or Metal Skewers
  1. Cut the large mushroom caps in quarters.
  2. Skewer the kabob in the following manner: Mushroom, red pepper, red onion, shrimp, green pepper, red onion, mushroom, shrimp, yellow pepper, red onion, shrimp, red pepper, red onion and mushroom.
  3. Brush lightly with any basting sauce you enjoy.
  4. Grill on a pre-heated medium temperature grill.
  5. Spray both the kabob and the grill grates with a vegetable spray before placing the kabobs on the grill to cook.
  6. Cook approximately 4 to 5 minutes on each side and baste as desired with sauce when you turn the kabobs over.
  7. DO NOT OVERCOOK THE KABOBS. Shrimp get tough and dry.
  8. Kabobs are traditionally served with rice or cous cous.
Nino Salvaggio https://www.ninosalvaggio.com/