“I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time’ So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance” –Steven Wright

Gear No 1

In a community as diverse as Southeast Michigan, it takes moxie to call yourself an international marketplace. Nino’s works hard to live up to that claim each and every day. We have to, because counting on us are customers from around the world looking for the finest ingredients to create their special, family recipe, and of course Italian delights. Our aisles are filled with bags, boxes, cans and perhaps most importantly, fresh produce, meats, and bakery products from around the globe. We know our ethnically diverse shoppers are looking for quality and value, and Nino’s delivers both. If you can’t find it elsewhere in Michigan, we’ll help you find it at Nino’s!Looking for that special ingredient? We carry everything from Dragon Fruit to Zahtar spice and much more.