Fried Green Tomato Fritters

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Fried Green Tomato Fritters
Serves 4
Native to Mexico and Central America, it’s not exactly clear how tomatoes came to the United States. Thomas Jefferson grew them in the 1780’s and credited one of his neighbors with their introduction, yet Harriott Pinckney Horry recorded a recipe “To Keep Tomatoes for Winter Use” in 1770? There is another folk legend that they were introduced by African slaves who came to North America by way of the Caribbean and some historians believe that perhaps the Portuguese introduced the tomato from the West Coast of Africa. Other than a few, uncommon “Green” species of tomatoes, Green Tomatoes are simply the un-ripened version of the ripe, red tomato we are all familiar with. Their firm texture, and slightly sour taste (unlike their sweeter, juicier, ripe counterpart) gives the green tomato a special place in recipes all their own. There are plenty of ways to prepare Green Tomatoes. Among them are the popular “Fried Green Tomatoes”, Green Tomato Relish, Chutney, Pie, Salsa and numerous other delicious recipes.
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  1. 2 cups Green Tomatoes, peeled, chopped
  2. 2 cups Sweet Corn Kernels, with juices
  3. 1/4 cup Green Onion, chopped fine
  4. 1/4 cup Red Bell Pepper, chopped fine
  5. 2 Extra Large Eggs
  6. 1 cup Milk
  7. To Taste - Salt & Black Pepper
  8. 1 Tbsp. Granulated Sugar
  9. 1 1/2 cups (about) All Purpose Flour
  10. As Needed - Vegetable Oil (to fry)
  1. Combine tomatoes, corn, green onions and red bell pepper in a medium bowl.
  2. Season with sugar, salt and pepper.
  3. Add the beaten eggs, milk, and enough flour to hold the mixture together (about 1 ½ cups).
  4. Drop 1 Tbsp. spoonfuls of the batter into deep hot fat, at about 360° to 370°, and fry until golden brown and cooked through.
  5. Drain on absorbent paper towels, salt and serve warm.
Nino Salvaggio