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Fresh Flavor Fillets™

Nino’s “Fresh Flavor Fillets™” are a terrific way to experience the many interesting and delicious fish that we pre-prepare for your convenience with our own recipes of prepared stuffings, marinades, rubs and seasonings.

This delicious Yellow Fin Tuna Entrée is best prepared using the Cajun Blackening method.

Cajun Blackening
Heat a heavy gauge skillet, without oil, (Cast Iron is Preferable), on medium high to high heat. Be sure you have sufficient ventilation in the kitchen as this traditional cooking method creates a great deal of smoke. This fillet has been prepared with a coating of Cajun spice and butter. No oil is required to sear this fillet. To cook fillet, place in the hot skillet and blacken on both sides approximately 3 to 5 minutes per side. Actual length of cooking time will depend on thickness of fillet and desired doneness. Yellow Fin Tuna is prepared from state of anywhere from *Rare to Well done. A rare to medium rare cooked fillet will exhibit a more pronounced fish sweetness, a more moist and soothing texture and is ultimately best suited to a Cajun Blackened Tuna Steak more so than perhaps any other fish. A well done fillet, will have a more pronounced, hot, spicy, smoky finish, and will, because of its longer cooking time, be a bit drier. As a result, a more well done fillet should be accompanied with a bit more sauce, salsa or garnishment.

Additional Information:
For a well done fillet, it will be fully cooked when a small incision in the thickest part of the fillet is able to flake the flesh, it is no longer translucent but fully opaque in color, and the fillet is firm. Once cooked to your preference, remove fillet from the pan, season with salt and pepper and serve. This spicy Entrée can be complemented with cool and refreshing sauces such as a fresh fruit salsa or perhaps chilled, diced cucumbers added to a French Onion chip dip. If you’re in a spicy mood, a tomato sauce such as Salvaggio’s Vodka or Arrabiatta Pasta Sauce might just hit the spot. Enjoy!

*Consumer Advisory: “consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness”.

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