What is the Nino’s Fresh Rewards program?

Nino’s Fresh Rewards is a program designed to reward Nino’s customers for their loyalty and for shopping at Nino’s. These customers will receive the following new / existing services:

  1. Receive multiple Digital Coupons in addition to our weekly Marketplace Specials and In-Store Specials. Simply log on to your account to “clip” these offers to your card. No more single coupons from the Email Club that have to be printed to be redeemed.
  2. Receive the weekly Marketplace Specials via Nino’s Newsletter.
  3. Receive the weekly Nino’s Newsletter full of information on food, recipes, wine, parties and so much more.
  4. Offer Recall Notification for a product you may have purchased and other Special Notifications.
  5. Provide easy Refunds if you are not satisfied with a product.
  6. Receive a 10% case discount on any item in the store (excludes Liquor at Troy and Clinton Township.)


How can I sign up?

At the signup station in the store during the launch, or online by visiting Nino’s website at www.ninosalvaggio.com. You can also stop by the Customer Service Desk and they will be happy to assist you or answer any of your questions.


Do I have to be a Fresh Rewards member to shop in the store and get your everyday sale prices?

No, you do not have to be a member to benefit from our everyday prices or to take advantage of our Marketplace Specials. However, you will receive many more offers by joining.


How do I redeem my Fresh Rewards Offers?

You will receive an email with your Weekly Fresh Rewards offers. Click on the Fresh Rewards icon, and log into your account to activate your Fresh Rewards. Or go to ninosalvaggio.com and log into your account to activate your Fresh Rewards.


How many times a week do I need to activate my Fresh Rewards?

Digital Coupons will be available at least once a week, sometimes twice, so it is a good idea to check your Fresh Rewards account and activate any new offers before shopping.


Is the Fresh Rewards program available at all Nino’s locations?

Yes, once you sign up, you can use your card at all three Nino’s locations in Troy, Clinton Township and St. Clair Shores.


What personal information will be requested and required to sign up?

Your name,

E-mail address,

10 digit phone number,

Additionally you will need to accept the program terms of service.


How will Nino’s use my information?

Nino’s will not share your personal information with any other entities. This information will only be used to issue Nino’s Newsletter with links to your special reward information, Nino’s e-mail ads, and other promotions.


Can each family member have their own Fresh Rewards account?

You will receive one rewards card and two key fobs when you sign up for the Nino’s Fresh Rewards program. These can be used by multiple family members under one account, if they are part of the same household, and use the same telephone number when they register. If family members register under separate telephone numbers they will each have their own, individual account.


How many Fresh Rewards cards will I receive upon sign up?

You will receive one card and two key fobs when you sign up. To activate your savings at the register, you can give your card or telephone number to the cashier during the transaction.


Do my points/rewards ever expire?

The weekly Digital coupons will have an expiration date on the coupon. Any credits you may receive as special offers, refunds or recalls must be used within the date specified in the offer, or within 180 days of issue.


I don’t have access to a computer or a smart phone. How can I sign up for the Fresh Rewards program?

You can come to the Customer Service Desk at each store to sign up.


How many emails will I receive each week if I sign up for the Fresh Rewards program?

Usually one, sometimes two depending on promotional offers or recalls.


When I redeem my Fresh Rewards offers do I have to show a photo ID?

No, you will only need to have your card or give the cashier your telephone number.


Can I view my receipts/balance online?

Yes. Simply log onto your account to review previous transactions.


What if I lose my card?

Your account number is linked to your phone number. You may give your 10 digit phone number to the cashier at any register as your order is being rung to receive any coupons or credits that you have on your account. If you need another card, it can be issued at the Customer Service Desk.


I still have some questions?

Please feel free to email us at rewards@ninosalvaggio.com or call at 248-879-9222.