To our valued customers

For 40 years, we have been honored to provide you an enjoyable and safe grocery shopping experience at each of our stores. We care deeply about your health and well-being, and remain committed to providing a clean and safe environment for everyone during the COVID-19 era. Here are the proactive steps we have taken.

  1. We are pre-screening all employees before they start their shift.
  2. We have ramped up our existing cleaning and sanitizing procedures. We have full-time associates at each store solely focused on cleaning and sanitizing throughout the stores daily, including registers and credit card pin pads at check-out, deli slicers and kiosks, scales, counter tops in each department. We are closing check-out lanes daily, one at a time, for the area to be completely sanitized.
  3. We have installed screens at each check lane for the protection of our associates and customers. We are only opening every other Register Lane to promote social distancing.
  4. Our cashiers and baggers are changing gloves and/or sanitizing their hands between each order.
  5. We have floor markings at the checkouts and throughout the service counters to promote social distancing. We have automated announcements throughout the store also promoting social distancing.
  6. We are now open at 7 a.m. exclusively on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for Senior Citizens over 60, those with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, and expectant mothers.
  7. Our restrooms are being cleaned with greater frequency, with soap and paper towel dispensers being constantly restocked.
  8. We have associates at the front door sanitizing shopping carts for our customers to use.
  9. Our associates are required to wear masks and gloves at all times in all areas and departments. And we continue to stress Safe Food Handling procedures.