December: Time for Clementines

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One of the best things about December in the produce world is that it’s time to enjoy all of your favorite citrus commodities, such as tangerines, grapefruit, oranges and clementines.

Clementine Season

Each part of the world is known for certain types of produce, whether it be marketing, growing conditions, or availability, certain parts of the world can always be related to the delicious, fresh produce they grow.

Such is the case with Spanish and California clementines.


The debate about which is juicier, sweeter, or better for you is one I enjoy having.

The two brands you will usually see here at Nino’s are the Cutie brand, which is from California, and the Darling brand, which is from Spain.

The best piece of fruit does vary from season to season and even from week to week. As the fruits arrive at the Detroit Produce Terminal, my job is simply to decide which tastes better that week. So one week you may see California clementines, and the next you may see Spanish. But rest assured that if it’s in our stores, it’s the best available that week.

The next time you stop in to your nearest Nino’s, don’t forget to grab yourself a box of those delicious clementines–no matter where they come from.

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