Boxty (Irish Potato Pancakes)

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Boxty (Irish Potato Pancakes)
Serves 8
Boxty is a very traditional Irish potato side dish. It’s basically a traditional potato pancake, with the distinction that it uses both cooked (mashed) potato and shredded raw potato in its mixture. Like most all potato cake recipes, Boxty can be enjoyed as a side dish to a main course meal or as an appetizer topped with sour cream, cheese or even salmon.
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  1. 2 Lbs. (3 to 4 large) Yukon Gold or Russet Potatoes
  2. ¾ Cup Half & Half (milk will also do)
  3. 1 ½ tsp. Sea Salt (or Kosher Salt)
  4. 1 Extra-Large Egg
  5. 1/3 to ½ Cup All-Purpose Flour
  6. ½ tsp. Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  7. ½ Stick Salted Butter
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F.
  2. Peel all the potatoes, cut half of the potatoes into large pieces and cook in simmering water until tender.
  3. Drain the potatoes well.
  4. Mash with the milk, salt and pepper.
  5. Beat the egg and mash into the potato mixture.
  6. Sprinkle about 1/3 cup of the flour over the mashed potato mixture and beat in. If the mixture is a bit watery, add a bit more flour.
  7. Take the remaining raw potatoes and shred them coarsely with a box grater. Use the ¼” size hole side.
  8. Do not rinse but rather squeeze out ALL of the resulting potato liquid. Use some paper towels to pat dry.
  9. Add the shredded potatoes to the mashed potato mixture and stir in.
  10. Using a non-stick fry pan, on medium-high heat, add about 1 TBSP of butter to the hot pan, swirl around to coat the bottom evenly, and then portion each potato pancake using about ¼ cup of the mashed mixture per cake.
  11. Fry on each side about 4 or 5 minutes (or until medium brown). As each batch of cakes is done, place it on a baking sheet. When all the potatoes are finished, pop them into a 350 F. oven for about 2 to 3 minutes to reheat them, and then serve.
Nino Salvaggio