Alfredo Casserole with Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Basil

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Alfredo Casserole with Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Basil
Serves 1
A combination of flavors your family will truly love, Cheese, Tomato and Basil. How can you go wrong? This casserole dish layers cheesy pasta with tomatoes and basil to create an almost lasagna style casserole that can be either a main dish or a side dish. Add additional ingredients if you like to suit your tastes.
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  1. 1 Lb Fettuccini Pasta
  2. - As Needed Boiling Salted Water
  3. 2 Pints Nino's Al Fredo Sauce
  4. 4 Ea Extra Large Eggs
  5. 8 Slices American Cheese
  6. 4 Ea Roma Tomatoes
  7. 1⁄2 Cup Basil Leaves
  8. 3⁄4 Cup Parmesan Cheese
  9. - As Needed Vegetable Spray
  10. 1 Pint Nino's Palomino Sauce
  1. Prepare a 9" x 13" casserole dish by spraying the entire interior surface with vegetable spray to coat.
  2. Cook fettuccini until al dente, then rinse in cold water and drain well.
  3. Mix together alfredo sauce with the beaten eggs, then toss together with the cooked fettuccini.
  4. Fill the casserole dish with half of the fettuccini mixture.
  5. Evenly top the layer of fettuccini with the sliced Roma tomato, then sprinkle evenly with the fresh basil, then cover evenly with the 8 slices of American cheese.
  6. Finish the casserole by topping with the remaining fettuccini mixture and then sprinkling with the grated Parmesan cheese.
  7. Tent the casserole lightly with foil, then place the casserole on a cookie sheet and bake in pre-heated 350 F oven for approximately 35 to 45 minutes or until firm.
  8. Allow the finished casserole to rest for approximately 5 minutes before portioning. In the meantime, heat the Palomino sauce in a medium size sauce pan until simmering.
  9. Portion the Alfredo Casserole onto serving dishes and top with a generous ladle of Palomino Sauce. Serve.
Nino Salvaggio