Nino’s Culinary Director Peter Loren, affectionately known as Chef Pete, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1974 and has had a distinguished career creating recipes and foods in some of Detroit’s finest restaurants.

Since joining Nino’s in 2003, he’s been responsible for curating Nino’s selection of artisanal products, developing the recipes for our freshly prepared foods, expanding Nino’s bakery and creating the recipes for all of Nino’s private label products.

Most importantly, he’s worked extensively on Nino’s staff education to help our team respond to customer inquiries about products, food preparation and recipes.

Chef Pete appears regularly on local media outlets as a cooking expert and advisor. His stream of articles and recipes provides seasonal and on-trend information. Foodies love him, but so do everyday home cooks, because he’s just as happy to help you make a great burger as he is in helping you maintain a heritage strain of yeast.

Chef Pete