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Snacks for the Big Game

January 23, 2014
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Snacks for the Big Game

Who Will Make a Home for the Lombardi Trophy in 2014?

At this time, no one knows for sure. Of course, there are plenty of odds makers making wagers on this as they do every year. But this will be a year of firsts for several other things. This year will mark the first time they will hold the Big Game outdoors. It is also the first time two states have hosted the Big Game, as it will be held in the Met Life Stadium. And this will be one of the first times they have two top musical groups participating in the halftime show. Bruno Mars will be performing, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been added to make up an eclectic blend of contemporary, rock and classic soul.

It’s hard to believe that another football season is coming to an end. However, this is what some call the money time. It’s the time of year when leagues are created and destroyed. The remaining teams represent the best in the sport. Those of us in Michigan, die hard Lions fans, had high hopes for our Lions this year. The odds to win The Big Game change by the minute, and our hopes were destroyed several weeks ago. The four teams standing at this composition date are the Seattle Seahawks, who last appeared in a The Professional Football Championship Game in 2006; the Denver Broncos, who won The Professional Football Championship Game in 1999; the New England Patriots, who lost to the Giants in 2012, and the San Francisco 49ers, who lost to the Ravens last year.

Snacks for the Big Game

As big as the actual football game is, once the game is over, some of the commercials linger in our memories. The Big Game is to TV commercials as Broadway is to regional theatrical productions. It is where the marketers want to show off and dazzle viewers with wackily humorous or earnestly touching ads. And although the $4 million it costs for a 30-second spot seems high, there is never a shortage of companies willing to pay money for that spot. In fact, I understand Doritos is now holding an annual commercial contest. The winner will win $1 million.

Snacks for the Big Game

Invite friends, family and neighbors over and turn on the TV, and you have an instant party. Whatever do you feed them? Food Network and all the top chefs will come up with a Big Game menu to wow the crowd. You can also just surf the web for ideas if you need help. However, it is usually all the same food, with different variations. Most often you will find sub sandwiches, pulled pork or BBQ pulled-chicken sandwiches, wings–bone-in or boneless, meatballs, and chili. Grazing foods can also include an assortment of dips, pizza and desserts. Of course, your refreshments are not complete without a few beers or your favorite beverage.

If you need assistance for your Super Sunday, feel free to contact any Nino’s Party Planner to get you started or round out your lineup.

Pack your appetite, and settle in for what is sure to be a filling Sunday!


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